Understanding & Coping With Feelings - Printable Mega Bundle by Nicole Day

Understanding & Coping With Feelings - Printable Mega Bundle

80 pages of activities and printables/digital downloads for teaching children to identify, understand, and cope with their emotions.

This Bundle Includes:

There are 23 files included with this bundle (specific details and samples of each are listed below)

  • How Would You Feel? [basic vocabulary] ($5 value)
  • Name one thing ($5 value)
  • Draw a Face ($5 value)
  • Your Emotions Emoji Poster ($5 value)
  • Understanding Feels & What Causes Them ($12 value)
  • How Would You Feel [ advanced vocabulary] ($5 value)
  • When I Feel Sad... ($5 value)
  • When I Feel Angry... ($5 value)
  • What Calms Me Down? ($5 value)
  • Anger & Sadness Booklet ($12 value)
  • Mixed Emotions - Worried & Excited ($12 value)
  • I feel ... Because... ($8 value)
  • This is my face when ... ($14 value)
  • FEEL-mometers (Emotion Intensity) ($5 value)
  • Anger Coping Book - Ages 8+ ($44 value)
  • Coping with Embarrassment ($17 value)
  • Coping Skill - Visualization Poster ($8 value)
  • Coping Skill - Figure 8 Breathing Poster ($8 value)
  • Coping with Overwhelm Poster ($8 value)
  • Coping Skill - Birthday Cake Breathing Poster ($8 value)
  • Daily Self Check-in ($10 value)
  • Emotion Wheel ($5 value)
  • Feelings Check-in (male & female version) ($8 value)

Total combined value of $287 - Over 90% in savings for the bundle.

How Would You Feel...

There are two "How Would You Feel" activity pages (one for basic emotion vocabulary and one with more advanced vocabulary words)

These are both fillable PDFs for ease of use with distance learning or teletherapy

Name 1 Thing...

Continuing to build on vocabulary and understanding basic emotions, with this activity kids list what makes them happy, sad, angry, loved, and bored.
Fillable PDF

Affirmation Posters

12 HQ 18" x 24" posters with positive affirmations on them for kids. Great visuals for classrooms, clinics, or to place in your home or school's calm down area.

Your Emotions Emojis

Introduction to more advanced emotive vocabulary words. 12 common emotions, with an emoji face to represent each one, and simple to understand explanation of what each emotion feels like.

Understanding Emotions Activity

For each of the emotions included in this activity (16 total), children describe the emotion in their own words and name a reason why someone might feel this way.

Fillable PDF

Mixed Emotions - Worried & Excited

Situation cards with different scenarios - take turns pulling cards and sharing why you might feel both worried and excited in each situation.

This helps children understand that sometimes we have more than one feeling about a situation. 

When I feel...

Two coloring activities - one for anger and one for sadness. 

These help build awareness of our different body signals for feeling sad and feeling angry.

Anger & Sadness Booklet

This is a 12 page activity booklet for kids (fillable PDF)

  • Feeling mad social narractive
  • Feeling sad social narrative
  • Feeling grumpy social narrative
  • Coping Skills for Anger and sadness 
  • Using Self-control script and STOP strategy
  • Time & Space lesson and discussion
  • Expressing feelings with I statements, lesson, and activity 
  • FEEL-mometer - measuring the intensity of anger and sadness

I Feel... Because...

These are fill in the blank sheets that prompt children to think about times when they experience different emotions and what causes them.

Fillable PDF format

FEEL-mometers Activity

Helps children understand the different intensity of emotions and builds vocabulary for expressing those emotions. 

Kids use the emotion words at the top of each thermometer to fill in the blanks with the right words. 

This Is My Face When I Feel...

This is a fun and interactive activity where you take pictures of your child making faces for different emotions. 

You then can drag and drop them into the image holders in the template (tutorial provided) then save and print.

Visualization Poster

Visualization is a helpful coping strategy used to manage stress and strong emotions. This poster provides simple instructions for children and can be printed and used in a calming corner or as part of a lesson plan.

Image size is 18"x24" so this can be printed as a large poster, or resized to fit regular letter sized paper.

Dealing with Embarrassment

Six-page booklet helps children understand what embarrassment is and how to cope with it. This includes a coping activity, a guide for using positive affirmations to overcome embarrassment, discussion questions, and an embarrassment FEEL-mometer activity.

Figure 8 Breathing Poster

This poster is used as a guide to help children practice using deep breathing as a coping strategy, by tracing their finger along the shape of the 8 while following the prompts to inhale and exhale.

18" x 24" poster can be printed at full size to use as a poster or resized to fit regular letter-sized paper

Draw a Face

This activity continues to build awareness of basic emotions as well as facial expressions.

Birthday Cake Breathing

Poster sized deep breathing prompt for children that guides deep breathing exercises by prompting children to pretend they are smelling a birthday cake and then blowing out the candles.

Self Check-In Sheet

Fillable PDF self-check-in sheet can be used as a self-monitoring activity, building self-awareness or as a way to check in during counseling/therapy/etc.

Overwhelmed? Poster

Visual tool reminding kids about how to cope with feeling overwhelmed when they have a lot of tasks to complete. 
  • Make a list
  • Do one task at a time
  • Take breaks
  • Reward yourself

22 pg Anger Management Booklet

This 22 page booklet covers a wide range of strategies for understanding and managing anger. The strategies are slightly more advanced than the ones in the anger & sadness booklet. This could be adult-led or possibly done independently, depending on the child's age and understanding.

Topics covered:
  •  What does anger feel like
  • Identifying your body's anger cues
  • Getting angry at yourself
  • Expressing your anger
  • Positive and Negative ways people show their anger
  • Calming down
  • Coping Skills list
  • Coping skills poster activity
  • Anger Triggers - What pushed your anger button?
  • Using anger to hide other feelings
  • Self-reflection questions
  • Using I statements to express anger
  • "I Statement" practice activities (2)
  • Your Words are Powerful
  • Coloring page 

Emotion Wheel

Based on Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions, adapted to fit the Zones of Regulation curriculum, this visual helps children learn to identify their emotions and increase their vocabulary of emotive words.

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